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KNOTS is a data science company providing the best solutions to address the needs of your business and to help you to reach your goals.

What we do

We implement and use machine learning tools and algorithms to help companies to develop breakthrough AI products.


We tackle complex problems

and we get the best results applying our in-depth understanding and knowledge of big data.


We are experts in data science

and data-driven predictive analytics with a focus on machine and deep learning.


We are specialists in optimizing

and proving new and reliable high-performance computing and AI solutions.

Meet The Founders

We have profound knowledge and experience in developing and integrating algorithms using the best technologies on the market. With an extended academical and professional record, we apply every day our expertise in AI, natural language processing, predictive analytics, high-performance computing, and computer vision to help you get a deeper insight into your data.

Giorgio *Sarno*

Giorgio Sarno


Giorgio Sarno


Giorgio *Sarno*

I am a computer and data scientist with a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics. During my years in research, I focused on Quantum Gravity and on a numerical approach to gravitational physics. Here I developed high-performance solutions as well as machine and deep-learning algorithms and I explored their possibilities in one of the toughest domains of physics. At KNOTS I make the best use of my excellent analytical and numerical background and express my passion for complex problems with simple and elegant solutions.

Simone *Fuscone*

Simone Fuscone

General Director

Simone Fuscone

General Director

Simone *Fuscone*

I am a machine learning engineer that pursued a Ph.D. in computational linguistics. I started data analysis during my master in physics where I modeled spatial and neurological data. After I had the opportunity to manage, analyze big financial databases, working in the IT sector for one of the biggest banks in Italy. In my further studies, I joined the DOC2AMU project (a Marie Curie fellowship) where I was able to learn NLP techniques for applied linguistics. Every day I use my skills, experience, and enthusiasm as co-founder at KNOTS.

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